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Ohio Star Quilt Block

It’s time to dive into quarter-square triangles with the Ohio Star Quilt Block

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“8 Pointed Star” Quilt Block

The 8-pointed star quilt block looks great. It’s a shame this one didn’t go to plan!

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Churn Dash Quilt Block

The Churn Dash Quilt Block has a special place in my quilting toolbox. It was one of the first quilt blocks I made, and I love how this one looks.

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Hi, I'm Tom

I love quilting, it really does make me happy. But there are certain things that I am yet to master. Or things that I really want to get better at.

I created this website and YouTube channel to share my journey as I learn how to be a better quilter. And hopefully you'll find something along the way that helps you.

Tom, The Colour Blind Quilter Founder

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Behind the Blocks Season 2

Welcome to Season 2 of Behind the Blocks, the series where we use quilt blocks to build our skills as quilters.

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January 2023 Update Blog

I can’t quite believe it’s 2023 already and I for one am quite happy to see the back of 2022!

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August Quilting Challenge

I haven’t sewn for months, and I need to do something about that – cue the August Quilting Challenge!

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