Convert Fabric Yardage to Meters

Converting fabric yardage to meters is really simple and easy. Just take your yardage as a decimal and multiply it by 0.9144. Or you can use this easy calculator to get the result.


You can use the table below to convert fractions like 2/3 to a decimal

0 m

When ordering fabric by the meter, you may need to round to the nearest half meter depending on what quantities your fabric supplier sells in. For example 1.37m of fabric, you would need to order 1.5m.

Yards as fraction Yards as a decimal
1/8 0.125
1/6 0.17
1/4 0.25
1/3 0.33
3/8 0.375
1/2 0.5
5/8 0.625
2/3 0.67
3/4 0.75
5/6 0.83
7/8 0.875
1 1


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